The much awaited party is finally here... Penny turned two and here is how she celebrated it!

Since I don’t have any children, I throw parties for my kitten and my puppy. This year, my Kitten Penny turned two and my husband and I thought what better party to host than a Paris-themed party. Penny loves to be pampered and has this insane obsession with cake batter and roses. (a Kitten Marie Antoinette we thought.)


We decided to do a French dessert exposé and have everything be pink, pink and more pink, using glass displays.


The desserts and savory appetizers were all from Stardust Cakes. The mini cupcakes, the Eiffel tower decorated cookies, the birthday cake (with whipped cream because penny loves to lick it up), religieuses, chocolate drizzled strawberries, savory pate a choux with salmon dip and crab dip (another of Penny’s favorite), popcorn because every time we make popcorn at home we always find Penny running off with pieces off popcorn in her mouth, eating them and then coming back for more, Pink strawberry milk, Macarons (because there is nothing more French to us than that), cupcakes in a jar, and beautiful white meringues.

The table cloth and topiaries were also made by Stardust Cakes, as well as the tissue roses that decorated the base of the cookie jar. The chandelier style candelabras were from Michaels and I added a piece of white fluff to the top to make it more chique, plus, Penny loves anything furry.


The roses added a lot of liveliness to the table and were Penny’s favorite treat.

The party was a delicious sugar high and as party favors, we wrapped up some popcorn in adorable pink toile boxes.


Penny had a blast at her sweet party and so did all the non-feline adults.