The joy of planning a 1st birthday party is something that only moms really understand. They want it to be so perfect for their childs' first-ever birthday party that we are seeing more and more extravagant and elegant parties for children.
This weekend I had the pleasure of working with a mom to create the most perfectly pink first birthday party for her very energetic daughter!

The party was very well planned because it catered to the children just as much as the adults. The children had entertainment, a play yard with activities, and the food was child friendly which I saw more parents excited about than the kids. Have you ever thought when was the last time you ate mac and cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich? Exactly!

Stardust ccakes provided the Cake and mini Cake, as well as the rentals. The child's middle name being Rose themed the rest of the party with pink rosy decor.  The cakes were both pink vanilla cake with cramy strawberry buttercream.
We love the child mini cake because it allows for some fabulous photo-ops of the kid with frosting all over their face, delighting in the sweet delicious comfort.

Last but not least, these adorable party favors were very age appropriate since all the children were toddlers. They are the First Teddy Bears from TY. Incredibly soft and so cuddly!