We love first birthdays! Not only does it mark the beginning of a new Birthday Party Era, but it also brings about smash cakes.  A relatively new concept that parents love, just for photography's sake: the Smash Cake.
What is it? Well, it's a cake that you smash, duh.. But it is so much more than that. It is probably a baby's first time ever to dig in to cake, a real first sugary treat. The concept is that for the guests there is a large celebratory and themed cake, sometimes some small cupcakes to go with it for younger guests, and then the birthday child gets a mini replica of the main cake made out of buttercream so that they can literally smash the cake, eat it, bury their face in it, whatever they are into.
We recently had a client with a fixed budget ask us to create an entire package that included all these different 1st birthday party components for all under $200. This is what we came up with. Disney Cars themed cake, cupcakes and a smash cake for the birthday boy. Note that smash cakes should not be covered in fondant or the baby will never be able to break into the cake, merely put some dents in the polished fondant.