Have you ever wondered how long it takes to create one of those magnificent cakes that take you 60 seconds to devour, after about 2 minutes of appreciating the detailed work and how 'cute', or 'cool' or whatever adjective you use to describe your delectable eats?

Let me give you a hint, it's much more than it took to stare, admire, and eat! As a cake artist, I get so attached to my cakes that if I were the one to have to slice them, I wouldn't be able to do them.

The latest cake combo I worked on was the Sugar Plum Fairies with the Toadstool cake house. That combo of 55 fairies was easily 24 hours worth of work. You wan see why when you take a look at the fairies' faces and bodies.
Here is how the project started, 2 weeks prior to the event, all the sugar work that had to harden was completed, that being the torso and the face.

I started with the head, the face, the body and arms. Let that dry for a day.Then add the hair and the hats. Let that dry and harden for a few days. This is when the tricky part happens, if you are not careful, the slightest touch WILL break them. So you have to be so careful moving them so that they don't end up losing their nose or a lock of hair.
I was storing fairies in cupboards, wardrobes, anywhere that would be safe and protected so that my little Sugar plums could rest til their big debut.
3 days before the event I baked the cupcakes (with no wrapper since they are covered in fondant afterwards.) Try doing that, they stick to the pan like crazy!
The day before you frost them and cover them in fondant (took 5 hours to get the perfectly smooth skirts and green frills on 55 skirts)

The morning of, you assemble the torso to the skirts, finish any detail painting work, or in my case, stardust (our trademark) and then you pray that the fairies don't topple over till they are safely delivered.
All you greenpeace fans will not be a fan of ours when you find out how much plastic wrap was used to cushion these fairies. These fairies were treated like true princesses! Slow carriage ride and all.

In the end it was all worth it to get the best positive feedback we could get from one of our returning clients!